Mixtape: J. Doctorate – “No Precedent”






  Mixtape: Warren_Budget – “Low_Budget”



Ivy Local is a Hip Hop group and rap label based in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2013 by J. Doctorate, Warren_Budget and Cause Caption, Ivy Local’s unorthodox approach to rapping and the rap industry has been a defining characteristic of the group. Never afraid of sideways glances or poor reviews, Ivy Local has crafted a sound and live show performance that is as unique as the industry has to offer. 
J. Doctorate hails from Logan, Utah. After graduating law school and working diligently as an attorney on the east coast, J. Doctorate returned home to Salt Lake City to pursue his undying passion for rap.  Known for his heavily freestyle based method of recording, the rapper’s originality and lyrical dexterity is readily apparent across No Precedent, his debut mixtape released summer 2016. 
Warren_Budget (born July 7, 1989) is a Canadian/American writer, rapper, cook, record producer, skateboarder, film maker, and business-school-dropout known for his lyrical witticisms and criticisms.  Budget’s songs are intricate puzzles heavily influenced by his literary heroes (Miller, Murakami, Vonnegut, Bradbury, Hesse, etc).  His favorite audiobook is Dune by Frank Herbert. 
Ivy Local is fundamentally, and critically, a team based movement and it is this dynamic that accounts for the distinctive high energy, relentless fun and reckless spontaneity of an Ivy Local live performance. After all, the group is having the time of their lives on stage performing together.  Long Live The Locals!


9/5/16: CLUB X